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If any of you have traveled lately, you know how hard it can be to not bring your entire bathroom vanity.  This is especially true if you're only taking a carry-on bag. Trust me, the struggle is real if you like makeup a little too much.  You really don't know what you can and can't live without. I somehow managed to get my list down to the 10 makeup items that I think are the BEST for traveling, while managing space.   You can use these products to achieve a look anywhere from natural, to full glam.  Read more to find out why each one is my absolute fave! Item #1: First off, let's start with the face.  I love the Too Faced Born this Way foundation. If your face is ever breaking out like a nerd on the dance floor, this stuff has your back! Or, if your face is just on point, this has your back as well. It's a medium to full-coverage foundation. I love that it looks natural without giving you the "cake face" life.  The struggle is real if your foundation sucks lol.  Luckily this is boss applesauce and will take care of you! Maybre Makeup too Faced liquid foundation born this way Item #2: Next, concealer! Gotta conceal all the things! Tarte Shape Tape has been my main squeeze in concealer land. It's super full coverage, so a tiny bit, goes a LONG way, Which is a total bonus.  It's very bendable, yet doesn't crease into fine lines.  You can use this to conceal a pimple, hide those bags under your eyes from staying up too late on Facebook, or highlight your face.  Possibilities are endless. Maybre beauty best high end concealer Item #3-4: Ok let's talk about blush and bronzer.  The baked bronzer from Ulta beauty is perfect! It gives you a gorgeous glow that comes from within, while also adding the dimension to your face that you need.  It's also very affordable which we all know is key to life. Blush always gives such a nice touch! The Tarte travel size Amazonian clay brush is so beautiful and also has a nice shimmer to it. Blush and bronzer that are best for travel, Tarte Amazonian clay blush, Ulta baked bronzer, Item #5: It's all about the eyes! Not gonna lie, the Too Faced Sweet Peach pallet is my all time favorite! Aren't those colors gorgeous?? Not only does it have the most adorable peach colors, but it smells like peaches! How legit is that? There is a well- rounded range of colors, you can create anything from a soft natural look, to a hot smoky eye! So go out there and get some! Item #6: Morphe M441, this is a great brush to use to blend your eye shadows. I like that I can use it to blend my shadow effortlessly. Too Faced Sweet Peach eyeshadow palette, natural makeup Item #7: An eye look wouldn't be an eye look without mascara! This is a new product, and it's totally a dupe for the Too Faced Better than Sex mascara, but its half the price! It's the new Lash Paradise mascara from Loreal.  This mascara volumizes and lengthens at the same time! That is a rare find in the mascara world! The packaging is also really nice for a drugstore mascara.  I highly recommend this, it can make your lashes look natural, or you can give them a bold look. My favorite mascara in my makeup bag, Loreal Lash Paradise Item #8: Need a quick brow fill without taking hours? The Benefit Gimme Brow is what's up!!! I freaking love that it has lil tinted fibers in it to make your brows look more full.  You can literally do your brow in 21 seconds.  Freaking win-win situation right there! My favorite brow item in my makeup bag, benefit gimme brow, best high-end brow product Item #9-10: Last but certainly not least, is the Laura Mercier translucent setting powder.  What is all this makeup good for if you don't set it? Gotta make that stay on all freakin day! This is great because it gives your look a matte finish and holds it in place all day.  I also like to use the Morphe G2 to really pack it on there, then brush away the excess. This gives me the finish I am looking for and also prevents all the creasing. Best setting powder in my makeup bag is Laura Mercier translucent setting powder with the Morphe G2 brush